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Installation Process

At Incline Village Tire Department, we provide our customers in Incline Village, NV, Crystal Bay, NV, Tahoe Vista, NV and surrounding areas with the best products and services, as well as the tools to stay knowledgeable of the tire industry.

Once you have selected the right tire, to make sure the tire performs well for many miles, it needs to be installed properly. Sadly, most shops take many shortcuts, and the results are often less than optimal. We take care to install and balance each set of tires as well as possible, in order to keep you safe and happy.

At Incline Village Tire Department, we take care during our installation process. We:

  • Lift the car properly to avoid any damage to undercarriage or suspension. You would not believe the damage we see caused by lifting in the wrong places.
  • Remove the wheels with the right socket. Not just size, also the length. You would think that is obvious, but…
  • Clean all the mounting surfaces so the wheel will seat properly on our balancer, and will seat on your car properly. Even a small speck of rust or debris can alter balance or cause the wheel to become loose. Most shops skip this step completely.
  • Remove all the old weights and dirt from the wheel and then dismount the tire without damaging wheel, tire, or pressure sensor. Besides skill, good equipment is important. We have both.
  • Replace valve stems, inspect and, if warranted, rebuild the sensors.
  • Mount new tire on the rim, again, without damaging tire, wheel, or sensor. We see our share of tires that are damaged during the installation process, but because the damage is hidden, the customer is never told. In some cases this is very dangerous, as it may cause the tire to fail. This happens most often to run flat tires, or very low profile tires.
  • Balance the wheel and tire assembly. Better the balance, smoother the ride. A badly balanced tire compromises handling (safety), comfort, fuel economy, tire life, and puts unnecessary stress on your suspension components. We have all the most advanced tools to achieve the very best possible balance. In addition, we perform “Road Force” balancing to ensure that the wheel and tire assembly are as round as possible, and “StraightTrak,” to install the tires on the right corners of your vehicle.
  • Install the wheels back on your car. We always screw the lug nuts or lug bolts by hand, to avoid cross treading and excessive wear.
  • Torque the lug nuts to prescribed torque. Exactly— no guesses, no over tightening with impact wrench. This ensures that the wheel will not come off when driving, but can be removed on the side of the road if necessary.
  • Fill the tires to the exact pressure required, and reset the pressure monitoring system. You will not have to look at the amber low pressure light on your dash. You know the system is working, and no sensor was damaged during the tire swap.
  • Drive the vehicle, and check the lug nut torque once more. No one wants to see a wheel separate from the vehicle while driving.

This is the proper way to install tires. Sure, it takes a little time, but we believe it is worth it. It keeps you and everyone around you safer, saves money, and improves performance of your vehicle.

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